Emma has joined the team! I needed a female to balance Luke, Shadow, and me. She is about 12 weeks old and originally hails from Ohio. She is a lab-border collie just like Luke. Shadow will play with her relentlessly, although he now has to adjust to being the middle child. She just adores Luke, who is such a good role model and top dog for her.


New Mexico

Luke almost always travels with me, but from now on Shadow gets to join him. Here are a few shots from our recent trip to New Mexico.

Dogs at play

So for the moment, I am home alone with Luke, Lizzy, and Shadow, our newest addition. These guys get along extremely well and love to play. I thought you’s enjoy a few shots.

Random Shots of the Dogs

Here are just a few more random shots of the dogs.

Easter Morning!

Easter morning! With all of the dogs, we were not sure the Easter Bunny would come. He might think he was in danger. Of course he knew better. These are good dogs, and they would not harm the Easter Bunny. There were plenty of eggs left for every puppy, filled with cheese, salami, and animal crackers!

Goodbye Pictures

Lucy left us this week. Our “low maintenance” girl went off to a new happy home in Wisconsin. She is reportedly doing very well and her daughter, Ethel, has had the rest of the pack to keep her comforted. :ast night she slept in the same crate with Shadow. These are a few goodbye shots of Lucy and Ethel together.

Help Shadow, Yin & Yang

We are dog lovers like many of you. And when our own dogs need medical care, we never hesitate to get them the care they need.  So when a few of our rescue dogs became ill, we didn’t hesitate to get them the care they need to survive.  Because, after all, we didn’t pull them from a high kill shelter in Georgia and transport them all the way to Wisconsin, just to let them die when they got here.

So when Shadow showed signs of internal bleeding and had to be hospitalized 2 days for dehydration, and testing had to be done to see what was wrong, we just did it.  And when that care included two weeks of medication, and additional testing. of course, we did it.

And when Yin & Yang, two 22 week old puppies had runny noses that turned into pneumonia, and their lungs filled with fluid, and we dealt with a weeks worth of daily visits to the vet, and 5 different failed medications, and a night in the hospital, and additional testing, and giving injections and fluids, and getting up in the night to tap their lungs to break up the fluid, and then all those sleepless night with them on our chest just to make sure they kept breathing through the night…of course, we did it.

And when all the others came down with various additional illnesses, like kennel cough, intestinal parasites, and internal infections…of course, we did those too.

But when we started looking over the mounting medical bills (currently over $8000) and started to calculate the additional medical cost to come, we  knew we couldn’t do it alone.  So we’re asking for help from family, friends, dog lovers and our online community.  We’re asking for financial assistance in covering the growing cost of their current and on-going medical care.

To donate to Shadow, Yin or Yang…or any of the other rescued dogs we’ve saved, please go to the Fundrazr Campaign …  Any little bit helps…from $5 to $500.

Have you considered adopting a dog?  Shadow, Yin & Yang along with Janie, Hershey, Ethel and Lucy are available for adoption to a loving home. To see more photos of Shadow, Yin & Yang and the others… go to our Adoptable Dogs page

Thank you for all your support!!!  We couldn’t do it without knowing there were folks out there who loved dogs as much as we do.

DONATE HERE:  http://fundrazr.com/campaigns/0TDta#.UU8MydVFXvc.wordpress